Krakow is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the largest cities located in the southern Poland, in the very centre of Europe. Over 790 000 people live and work here. Thanks to its centuries-old tradition, Krakow has become a centre of culture, tourist, science, business and sport. It attracts many people fascinated by art because of the numerous museums and art galleries, monuments reminiscent of an extremely interesting and sometimes turbulent history of the city.

For some time, Krakow became the capital of Poland (1038-1569) and the seat of kings. Education is provided at numerous universities, including the Jagiellonian University — the oldest university in Europe founded in 1364 and the oldest technical university in Poland — AGH University of Krakow. Moreover, the attractiveness of this place is enhanced by festivals, performances, and concerts (on average over 2500 per year). The rich history of the city and its inhabitants became the basis for stories and legends spread all over the country and beyond. Thanks to the presence of numerous communities and cultures, we have the opportunity to admire the atmosphere of this remarkable city.

AGH University of Krakow is situated in the close centre of Krakow. The large campus consists of many modern buildings belonging to particular Faculties located next to the biggest streets of the city. The Main Building (Building A0) is placed next to Mickiewicza Avenue, while the remaining buildings are next to Czarnowiejska (two bus stops), Piastowska, and Gramatyka Streets. Near the campus there are student dormitories (Miasteczko Studenckie AGH).