Call for Educators Forum

Important Dates

Abstract submission: TUE 21 May 2024 28 May 2024 (optional)
Paper submission: TUE 28 May 2024 4 June 2024
Author notification: THU 27 June 2024
Camera-ready submission: FRI 5 July 2024
Conference: 3-5 September 2024

The Forum

Business Process Management (BPM) has become part of the curricula across a number of primary, secondary, professional, online, and in-company education programs.

The Educators Forum seeks to bring together educators within the BPM community for sharing resources for improving the practice of teaching BPM-related topics by exchanging experiences, bringing in cases, and discussing teaching innovations.

In this way, the Educators Forum also highlights the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as part of the BPM teaching practice in regard to the systematic inquiry about student learning, the habits and skills of scholars to work as teachers, and the support for young lecturers to obtain their qualifications.

Forum Topics

The Educators Forum aims at being the meeting point for sharing and improving our BPM teaching in a dynamic way, far from more traditional research contributions. That is why we are open to all kinds of contributions, such as sharing new techniques, lessons learned, methodologies, case studies, systematic studies, empirical experiments, resources, materials, and tools. Contributions are welcome in the fields of teaching BPM contents, evaluating BPM contents, and the use of technology as a facilitator of BPM education.

The topics of interest for the Educators Forum include, but are not limited to:

  • New active learning methodologies for teaching BPM
  • Design and implementation of new resources for teaching BPM
  • Novel assessment instruments for BPM contents
  • Feedback approaches tailored for BPM courses
  • Teaching Procedural Thinking
  • Systematic studies of BPM in different education dimensions
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned for teaching BPM
  • New resources and Smart Learning Environments for BPM contents
  • BPM instructor professionalization and certification
  • Teaching BPM for underrepresented groups, including students with disabilities
  • Success Case Studies and Application of BPM teaching practices
  • WACI (Wild And Crazy Ideas) for BPM teaching

Contribution Types

Contributions are classified in 5 types:

Case Contribution: experience in the application of a certain teaching or evaluation approach or methodology, including lessons learned, tips, and pitfalls to avoid. Cases discussing the results of an experiment to measure or analyze a BPM education particular approach are welcomed.

Tools/Resources Contribution: showcases of innovative BPM education tools, services, softwares, and applications, as well as resources like course structures, slides, videos, datasets, and benchmarks. A link to the material and demo videos showing the use of the tool is highly encouraged for these types of submissions.

Assignments Contribution: great BPM evaluation ideas to make them available for the BPM community. Do you have a great BPM assignment you would like to share with other educators? Or maybe a novel and different way to assess BPM concepts besides classical multiple-choice questions? We’d love to have them as an Assignments Contribution!

Review Contribution: reviews of the state-of-the-art of a specific BPM education concept, summarizing its different uses, alternatives, successes, and limitations. Such reviews will also often propose future research directions or critique a method and discuss the range of problems for which it may not be an appropriate solution.

Lightning Contribution: contributions exploring tentative or preliminary work, or even new and untested ideas (ideas for possible work), or opportunities for collaborative work. Presentations of mature work will not be considered. The purpose of a Lightning Contribution can be to start a discussion, find collaborators, or receive input and critique about an idea.

Contributions of all the categories must follow the LNBIP format and should not exceed 5 pages (short contribution) or 10 pages (regular contribution), including a bibliography and excluding supporting teaching material. Each contribution should clarify the relation of the paper with the main topics of the forum and also clearly state the problem or issue being addressed, the goal of the contribution, the results achieved (if obtained), and clearly state the impact and benefits for the BPM educators community.

Accepted papers will be published in LNBIP as proceedings.


Submissions must be prepared according to the format of Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) specified by Springer. The title page must contain a short abstract and a list of keywords.

Papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format via the BPM 2024 EasyChair submission site by selecting “BPM 2024 Educators Forum”. 

At least one author of each accepted submission must register and participate in the forum.


This forum is part of the International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2024).
All registration procedures and logistics information are managed directly by BPM.

Educators Forum Chairs

Katarzyna Gdowska (AGH University of Krakow)
Thomas Grisold (University of St. Gallen)
Piotr Sliż (University of Gdansk)

Program Committee

Iris Beerepoot
Matthijs Berkhout
Andrea Delgado
Mahendra Er
Daniela Grigori
Marzena Grzesiak
Jennifer Haase
Niels Martin
Fredrik Milani
Jorge Munoz-Gama
Marta Podobińska-Staniec
Manuel Resinas Arias de Reyna
Tijs Slaats
Koen Smit
Gargana Vladova
Jan Martijn van der Werf
Francesca Zerbato