Getting to Krakow

With wide range of modes of transportation, Kraków is considered as well-organized city. The visitors may use trams and buses to move across the whole metropolitan area including airport but also Salt Mine in Wieliczka, and nearby Ojcowski National Park.

Speaking of the airport, one may access it also using the train as the station is located in the airport hall. It is the most comfortable way to get to the city and back. What is more, one can use suburban train to access other important points in Cracow. Planes flies regularly to United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Norway, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and many other.

Kraków promotes modern technologies and that is why Bolt and Uber as well as dozens taxi services are available there. Renting a car, motorbike or an electric scooter is also possible. They are located in many places throughout the city and all one needs is an application installed in their smartphone. Krakow also provides numerous facilities for ones getting around by bike.

Location-wise, Kraków is an attractive choice for participants from Central and Eastern Europe, which are traditionally underrepresented in the BPM conferences. The organisers are confident they can attract new attendants from Eastern Europe, including industry participants.

Poland is a member of the European Union and within the Schengen Area, so the citizens of a large number of countries do not need a visa to enter Poland. In other cases, letters supporting application for a Polish Visa will be issued for authors of accepted papers.