Industry Forum Accepted Papers

Clara Ziche and Giovanni ApruzzeseLLM4PM: A case study on using Large Language Models for Process Modeling in Enterprise Organizations
Nazrina Khurshid, Stephen Palmier, Kerry Buijs and Christopher Klinkm├╝llerBuilding Organizational Process Mining Capability: Experiences at a Global Gaming Company
Felix Mannhardt, Ragnhild Halvorsrud, Otas Meironas and Lasse BrurokThe Quest for the Comprehensive Customer Journey – A Case Study from a Circular Economy Marketplace
Piotr Gawrysiak, Olga Kacprzak, Tomasz Romanowski and Kamil ┼╗bikowskiImplementing a Process Mining framework in a large commercial bank – lessons learned
Urszula Jessen, Lucas Schroth and Mario M├╝hllechnerFrom Data to Actionable Insights: Utilizing AI and Process Mining in Manufacturing Processes