Educators Forum Accepted Papers

Marzena Grzesiak and Marek MoszyńskiApplication of the flipped learning methodology at a Business Process Modelling course – a case study
Kate Revoredo and Saimir BalaProject-Based Learning in BPM: Lessons from Flipped Classroom vs. Lecture-Based Instruction
Achim Dannecker and Lukas MeyerRelevance of topics in workflow-based student projects
Maximilian König, Maximilian Völker and Mathias WeskeFrom Design to Evaluation: Students Experiencing the BPM Lifecycle Hands-on
Sonia Lippe, Franziska Bärtsch, Claudia Brönimann and Clemens MaderEnabling BPM competencies through real-life student consulting projects
Sabine Nagel and Patrick DelfmannTowards an E-Learning Approach for Declarative Process Modeling
Anna Suchenia, Karol Suchenia, Marek Adrian, Krystian Jobczyk, Piotr Wiśniewski and Antoni LigęzaOrder Selection Methodology of OMG Diagrams in Teaching Designing Information Systems
Ilia Maslov and Stephan PoelmansComprehension of (business) process models via tokens: an eye-tracking approach
Hans-Jürgen Scheruhn and Jan MendlingTeaching Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Business Process Management in Tandem using the Enterprise Online Guide
Mahendrawathi Er, Angelica Deviana and Ika NurkasanahCan Business Process Design Space Help Students Generate Innovative Process Redesign Ideas?
Marzena Grzesiak, Krzysztof Kluza, Natalia R. Potoczek and Leszek SzałaBeyond Traditional Learning: The LLM Revolution in BPM Education at University
Silvia Inês Dallavalle de Padua, Marina Lourenção, Sérgio Adriany Santos Moreira and Luiz Ricardo Brito RibeiroFostering BPM learning through PBL: Development and application of an educational framework