BPM Forum Accepted Papers

Track I: Foundations

Carl Corea, Timotheus Kampik and Marco MontaliExplainable DMN
Luka Abb and Jana-Rebecca RehseMultivariate Anomaly Detection in Object-Centric Event Data
Timotheus Kampik and Cem OkulmusExpressive Power and Complexity Results for SIGNAL, an Industry-scale Process Query Language
Alexandre Goossens, Johannes De Smedt and Jan VanthienenObject-Centric Event Logs: Characteristics, Comparative Analysis and Road Map
Ali J. Alaee, Matthias Weidlich and Arik SenderovichData-Driven Decision Support for Business Processes: Causal Reasoning and Discovery
Lukas Liss, Jan Niklas Adams and Wil van der AalstTOTeM: Temporal Object Type Model for Object-Centric Process Mining
Peter Pfeiffer and Peter FettkeTrace vs. Time: Entropy Analysis and Event Predictability of Traceless Event Sequencing

Track II: Engineering

Felipe Castellanos, Nicolás Navascués, Daniel Calegari and Andrea DelgadoCMMN-based modeling and customization of declarative business process families
Alexander Seeliger, Markus Schreiber, Florian Giger, Joachim Metternich and Max MühlhäuserInferring Missing Event Log Data from IoT Sensor Data – A Case Study in Manufacturing
Flavia Monti, Francesco Leotta, Juergen Mangler, Massimo Mecella and Stefanie Rinderle-MaNL2ProcessOps: Towards LLM-guided Code Generation for Process Execution
Riccardo Lo Bianco, Remco Dijkman, Wim Nuijten and Willem van JaarsveldA Universal Approach to Feature Representation in Dynamic Task Assignment Problems
Matthias Ehrendorfer, Jennifer Hebstreit, Juergen Mangler and Stefanie Rinderle-MaInteractive Drift Visualization in Sensor Data Streams for Explainable Process Outcome Prediction
Rene Noel, Sergio España, Jose Ignacio Panach Navarrete and Oscar PastorMicroservices-Aware Business Process Modelling
Gyunam Park, Jan Niklas Adams and Wil van der AalstConformance Checking and Performance Analysis Using Object-Centric Directly-Follows Graphs
Francesca Zerbato, Marco Franceschetti and Barbara WeberA Framework to Support the Validation of Process Mining Inquiries
Simon James Jensen and Hugo A. LópezTowards Immersive Environments for Declarative Process Models

Track III: Management

Lukas Laakmann, Seyyid A. Ciftci and Christian JanieschA Nascent Taxonomy of Machine Learning in Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
Jannis Kiesel and Elias GrünewaldExtending business process management for regulatory transparency
Mikhail Monashev and Jan MendlingDesign Principles for Bots Supporting Case-Based Reasoning
Manfred Baer and Ralf PlattfautHuman Friendly Automation: A literature review on the role of the human factor in AI-driven business process automation
Adrian Joas, Maren Gierlich-Joas, Charlotte Bahr and Janina BauerTowards leveraging Process Mining for Sustainability – An Analysis of Challenges and Potential Solutions