Accepted Papers

Track I: Foundations

Jan Niklas Adams, Emilie Hastrup-Kiil, Gyunam Park and Wil van der AalstSuper Variants
Felix Schumann and Stefanie Rinderle-MaOptimizing Resource-Driven Process Configuration through Genetic Algorithms
Francesco Vinci and Massimiliano de LeoniRepairing Process Models through Simulation and Explainable AI
Jan Niklas van Detten, Pol Schumacher and Sander J.J. LeemansObject Synchronizations and Specializations with Silent Objects in Object-Centric Petri Nets
Flavio Corradini, Jessica Piccioni, Barbara Re, Lorenzo Rossi and Francesco TiezziOn the interplay between BPMN collaborations and the physical environment
Harry Herbert Beyel and Wil van der AalstImproving Process Discovery Using Translucent Activity Relationships
Joscha GrĂĽger, Martin Kuhn, Christoph Matheja and Andrey RivkinData Petri Nets meet Probabilistic Programming
Alessandro Burigana, Alessandro Gianola, Marco Montali and Sarah WinklerGlocal Conformance Checking
Ivan Donadello, Paolo Felli, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali and Craig InnesConformance Checking of Fuzzy Logs against Declarative Temporal Specifications

Track II: Engineering

Andrea Maldonado, Christian M. M. Frey, Gabriel Marques Tavares, Nikolina Rehwald and Thomas SeidlGEDI: Generating Event Data with Intentional Features for Benchmarking Process Mining
Antonio Martínez Rojas, Antonio Rodríguez-Ruiz, José González Enríquez and Andrés Jiménez RamírezWhat’s Behind the Screen? Unveiling UI Hierarchies in Process-Related UI Logs
Johannes Roider, Dario Zanca and Björn EskofierEfficient Training of Recurrent Neural Networks for Remaining Time Prediction in Predictive Process Monitoring
Michael Grohs, Han van der Aa and Jana-Rebecca RehseBeyond Log and Model Moves in Conformance Checking: Discovering Process-Level Deviation Patterns
Kiran Busch, Timotheus Kampik and Henrik LeopoldxSemAD: Explainable Semantic Anomaly Detection in Event Logs Using Sequence-to-Sequence Models
Alexander Kraus and Han van der AaLooking for Change: A Computer Vision Approach for Concept Drift Detection in Process Mining
Martin Käppel, Lars Ackermann, Stefan Jablonski and Simon HärtlAttention Please: What Transformer Models Really Learn for Process Prediction
Alessandro Padella, Felix Mannhardt, Francesco Vinci, Massimiliano de Leoni and Irene VanderfeestenExperience Based Resource Allocation for Remaining Time Optimization
Andrei Buliga, Mozhgan Vazifehdoostirani, Laura Genga, Xixi Lu, Remco Dijkman, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Chiara Ghidini and Hajo ReijersUncovering patterns for local explanations in outcome-based Predictive Process Monitoring
Rafael Seidi Oyamada, Gabriel Marques Tavares, Sylvio Barbon Junior and Paolo CeravoloCoSMo: a Framework to Instantiate Conditioned Process Simulation Models
Francesca Meneghello, Jeroen Middelhuis, Massimiliano Ronzani, Laura Genga, Zaharah Bukhsh, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Chiara Ghidini and Remco DijkmanOptimizing Resource Allocation Policies in Real-World Business Processes using Hybrid Process Simulation and Deep Reinforcement Learning
Ioannis Mavroudopoulos, Konstantinos Varvoutas, Georgia Kougka, Anastasios Gounaris and Marco ComuzziExploiting general purpose big-data frameworks in process mining: the case of declarative process discovery
Eduardo Goulart Rocha, Sebastiaan Johannes van Zelst and Wil van der AalstMining Behavioral Patterns for Conformance Diagnostics

Track III: Management

Maximilian Vitzethum, Alexander Mayr and Christian JanieschCategories of Business Value of Robotic Process Automation: A Study of Benefits and Challenges
Cheng Miao, Heemeng Ho, Elinor Tsen, John Gilmour and Ryan Kl KoSCP-BP Framework: Situational Crime Prevention for Managing Data Breaches in Business Processes
Kateryna Kubrak, Lana Botchorishvili, Fredrik Milani, Alexander Nolte and Marlon DumasExplanatory Capabilities of Large Language Models in Prescriptive Process Monitoring
Yotam Evron, Anna Zamansky and Pnina SofferAnticipating Data Inaccuracy Consequences in Business Processes: An Empirical Study
Marco Franceschetti, Amine Abbad Andaloussi, Clemens Schreiber, Hugo A. LĂłpez and Barbara WeberExploring the Cognitive Effects of Ambiguity in Process Models
Artur Modlinski, Damian Kedziora, Joanna Kedziora, Andrzej Hak, Jaroslaw Motylewski, Hajo A. Reijers and Adela del-RĂ­o-OrtegaTechno-empowerment of Process Automation: Understanding Employee Acceptance of Autonomous AI in Business Processes
Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Fredrik Milani, Maksym Avramenko and Marlon DumasLLM-Assisted Optimization of Waiting Time in Business Processes: A Prompting Method